Assessing the effects of water saving measures on Europe’s water resources.

This report presents the freshwater quantity results obtained from a study on EU integrated policy assessment for the freshwater and marine environment (BLUE2). With the aim to reduce the already existing pressures on Europe’s freshwater resources, EU Member States are planning and implementing various water saving measures, as for example described in the Programs of […]

Chlorine dioxide on ECHA’s list of notifications.

ECHA published an update of the List of notifications prepared as of 15 September 2020. For swimming pool disinfection the combination of chlorine (Cl2) and chlorine dioxide (ClO2) can be applied. Chlorine dioxide is added to the water. More information:

Water Framework Directive

AQUA EUROPA urge the EU to amend the Water Framework Directive in a way to like this proposals: Include addressing water scarcity to protect available freshwater resources. Boost energy efficiency in the water sector to contribute accomplishing climate neutrality goal by 2050. Reinforce the implementation of Article 9 on cost recovery and water pricing. Step […]

Eurobarometer on Water shows Europeans support stronger EU action on water.

Flash Eurobarometer on Water shows that most Europeans realise the seriousness of water-related problems and support stronger EU action. The survey shows that almost 75% of Europeans consider that the EU should propose additional measures to address water problems in Europe with the main focus of such measures on water pollution from industry and agriculture. […]